Sunday, August 9, 2009

The garden gallery ~ dining under the stars amidst the nature setting


  1. i can't remember this place when i was young. i used to live in batu ferrunghi and i know this area very well. now look, how it turn out to be one of the most beautiful restaurant in penang during the day and even better in the night.

  2. For eating food, place is must required first.
    Dining room or garden dining table is must important.I love this idea of dining under the nature.Its look like candle light dinner..Awesome!!

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  3. The garden gallery ~ dining under the stars amidst the nature setting
    this looks very impressive. very nice and very beautiful place is. this is dining place is very nice.

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  5. it a realy beautiful place for diner. they decoration in is impressive so visit this place one time

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  6. all the photos are good to show the place but you should include the food as well and a place to contact you for reservations. Also be clear whether food is halal or not. So important in a multireligious setting!
    Now I still cannot tell my friends whether we can use your place as avenue for our reunion.!

  7. Dear Sir,
    I made reservations because I think in one of the online blogs I saw that you have souffle (french) dessert, but I'm not sure because your receptionist was not really able to answer me. Can you please let me know? Thanks!
    Email me at